Week 21- Review & Plan Your Future Health

Congratulations for getting to this week and going through the whole 21-week challenge. No matter what happened in the process, whether there was a week (or many weeks) when you slipped up, whether you didn't follow your plan to the extent you envisioned, or whether you didn't stick to a habit as much as you wanted, YOU are already a winner. Because you are in a better place this week than if you completely did not sign-up or take part in 21NLS at all. You are already more aware of your own health/fitness needs, of what it takes to become a healthier, better person, of how it's like to eat properly/work out properly, and how good it feels when you stick to your health goals/plans. All these are the very important seeds that have been planted through the challenge, seeds that will now on germinate, grow and create huge changes in your life.

As this week is the last week for 21NLS, let us now take a step back and review our past 21 weeks.

how has your 21NLS experience has been, what you’ve gotten out of these 21 weeks, what was the best thing you liked about the entire challenge, and what you’d like to

1) Finish Up All 21-Week Tasks Before Continuing On

The 21NLS experience is about *both* completing our 21-week action plan as well as discovering new things about our health & our self through the 21-week tasks specially set aside for all of you. There are new things to be learned about us with each task, however small they seem. Have you completed all tasks for the 21 weeks? If not, fall in line with them now.

2) Reflect on Your Past 21 weeks

For the next few weeks, think about how the past 21 weeks has been for you, in the area of your health and fitness. Think about your experiences with your 21-week action plan, your intentions when you started this challenge and your status right now.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, give yourself an overall score on how you’ve done for the past 21-weeks. Why did you give that score?
  2. What have you accomplished/achieved for yourself in the past 21 weeks in the challenge?
  3. What are the biggest things you have learned about yourself and about living a healthier life in the past 21-week?

3) Your Healthy Living Plan Ahead

During 21NLS, we had our 21-Week Action Plans to guide us. Now moving forward, let’s now plan for our health & fitness ahead.

  1. What are your key goals for your health and fitness moving forward? You can list down overall goals or break them down into the 3 key areas of (a) Diet (b) Fitness (c)Lifestyle
  2. What are your key action steps to 100% ensure that you’ll achieve these goals? i.e. HOW are you going to achieve the goals you wrote in #1? Look back at what you’ve done/learned from the past 21 weeks and apply them as much as possible.

4) Celebrate

Whatever achievement you made, recognise it and acknowledge it. Accept it and celebrate.


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