WEEK 5: Go grocery shopping.

This week is Week 5 of our 21-WEEK challenge to live our healthiest life ever. This week, we're going grocery shopping.

Step 1: Write out your standard grocery list

Refer to your ideal meal plan from week 4. What food items do you need to create these meals? Write them down.

Step 2: Highlight the items which you need to purchase this week

Some of the food items may already be present in your house, while some may not. Highlight the items which you need to purchase.

Step 3: Go shopping!

This week, take some time to shop at the grocery shop or the supermarket. If you’re working, drop by the supermarket during lunch or after work. Take this list with you as you do that, and get the items you’ve highlighted in Step 2!
At the same time, keep your eyes open for any healthy food items, and get them if they complement your ideal healthy diet. Please do not buy junk food. You want to stop buying unhealthy food. The reason for making this list is that you can be conscious and aware of what you are buying. Take your time. You have the whole week.


What are your tasks listed for this week? Do them with excellence and report them in your Journal. Also, read your group discuss with your friends and cheer them along!. What are your challenges?. While shopping this week for your grocery, check the prices, know your food budget.


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