WEEK 4: Creating your ideal meal plans

HELLO EVERYONE! After calculating our TDEE last week, this week's task is about creating your ideal meal plans - from breakfast, lunch, all the way to dinner.

Why is it important to have our ideal meal plan? The thing is, more of us probably eat based on what’s around us. Feel hungry? Let’s see what’s there in the fridge. Want to grab a bite? Let’s head to the fast foods and get something quick. Is there food right there on the table? Let’s munch a little on it – it wouldn’t make a difference. What we’re doing here isn’t eating based on what we truly want to eat, but merely eating because it’s convenient and accessible. And the thing is, this will keep happening all the time simply because we subject ourselves to what’s there in the environment. The pattern keeps looping over, and over, and over again, repeating and never stopping. Before, long you will find that you are battling with weight issues, sometimes acidity, that you are unable to manage. The only time when it stops is when we put a stop to it. And for that to happen, we have to first be aware of what exactly we want to eat in our ideal diet. And that’s what we’re going to do this week!

Step 1: Write out your ideal meal plan for a normal day

Imagine you are in your ideal day now. What’s your ideal meal like, the meal that will bring you to your highest pinnacle of health and wellness? What would you want to be eating when you wake up? What would you be drinking? What would you have for lunch? How about in between meals? What would you have for dinner? Lastly, would you be eating anything in the few hours before sleep? If so, what would that be? Write down all the foods that you’ll be eating in your ideal meal plan, including portion sizes, where possible. Keep working on it until you’re 110% happy with this meal and you know that this is a meal plan where you’ll absolutely feel the happiest, the healthiest and most vitalized. Feel free to look up recipes of healthy meals online for inspiration!

Step 2: Do a nutritional check with your plan

Here, we’ll be doing a quick check on the calories and nutrition level with your needs. Ensure the calorie intake matches your TDEE or daily caloric target based on your weight goals (Week 3). If you feel it doesn’t meet your caloric/nutritional needs, go back and make adjustments to the plan until it does and you’re 110% happy with it. With your ideal meals now set, next week, we will be doing grocery shopping – creating a list of the items we need to create our ideal meals, then heading to the supermarket to get the ingredients. So stay tuned!


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